​              "We are wishing our classmates and loved ones stay safe and healthy during this trying time"


                                       THE REUNION IS RESCHEDULED FOR

                          OCT 23, 2021    as the main Destination reunion party. 

       Prepaid Price $118.00 per person Includes:  Food, no host bar, music,   custom

      personalized magnetic picture name tag (for those paying by the deadline), alumni search,

      e-mailings, giveaways,  beautiful venue, decor, entertainment, great company and more.



​​​      We are  excited about everyone having an amazing special 50/51st reunion experience and


       seeing so many familiar faces.   OCT 23, 2021 will be here before we know it and we

       look forward to helping create an incredibly memorable and fun experience for all.

                          Classmates,  prepaid reunion tickets make this special event happen

                          for everyone. Send your checks for your reservation NOW.   Thank you!


                             Checks or Money Orders accepted                                           to complete form

                                                          payable to:   Helaine Pansek        

                                                   Address:  5994 N. Fairway Circle West

                                                               Palm Springs, Ca 92264

                                                                        (All funds will be held in a special account for reunion only )



        Guests can book their stay (depending upon availability)

        by visiting

        or calling 888-421-1442 and referencing Group Code


                                     Hyatt Hotel Palm Springs Codes for Room reservations  

                                                       Our Group Code is G-WC21

                                            e-mail :

        ****We are planning on having early  arrival  MEET AND GREET at hotel, Friday ****

               Oct 22, 2021     " Look for Sammy Spartan"    

    -  FRIDAY, Oct 22, 2021,  Happy hour at Hyatt Palm Springs- 3 pm- 6 pm


​     -  SUNDAY, Oct 24, 2021,   Breakfast at Hyatt for those interested to meet

                            in Hyatt Restrauant, 9:30 a.m. , just off lobby area                                          

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